The Importance of Being Patient

The Importance of being Patient

Adding the time factor as an affiliate


There is a very important element in affiliate marketing that someone new to the industry must keep in mind which is – be very patient.

The truth is that as an affiliate, you are being looked at as a number many times, not always but many times – you will be asked many high-pressure questions and it’s part of the job to not always give in to the pressure and feel obligated to answer those questions.

That being said – many of those conversations are looked at by the program you signed up with as the deal-making moment that decides your worth. These scenarios come down to how experienced the affiliate manager is and that’s where NCZ affiliates can help give you some insight and advice.

For example – in the gambling industry, the deals and the turnaround time is usually quite quick if the affiliate program is on point and has everything covered, but these are also very much based on a few elements and that’s why patience is of utmost importance and you should not lose your good name or get into any arguments because you are waiting more than expected.

Consider different traffic options

Casino traffic is actually not easy to come by and picking the right brands to send your traffic to the right brand is very important because you want a brand that converts, a brand that is reputable and a brand that pays out on time.

Sports betting traffic is a similar situation but unlike casino, sports traffic tends to be very seasonal and it is many times up to the brand to come up with a creative or interesting promotion that will entice the player to sign up to that brand and stick with it.

When looking at more mainstream traffic which includes banks, ecommerce products or something of that level which isn’t considered ‘high risk’ or a bit more secretive, there tends to be more emphasis on the reputation of you, the affiliate, as well as  how quickly you turn things around as far as what you intend to deliver.

Patience is a much more important element with mainstream brands because in specific industries where PPC, and branding are so essential – those areas need to be carefully looked at first before the green light can be given for the affiliate to start.

At the same time – there is a balance, which has been mentioned in a previous article, and giving people too much time is also not a good idea and having a friendly reminder sent out is essential to making sure they keep you in mind and are giving you answers within a reasonable time.

Affiliate marketing is continuing to be a great area to go into – reach out to us by sending an email to to start your journey.

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