Common Misconceptions About Affiliate Marketing

Debunking the top myths in Affiliate Marketing


When speaking to the typical business-oriented individual who has never been involved in affiliate marketing before but has wanted to dabble in it – there are often some common misconceptions about affiliate marketing that seem to constantly come up which are worth mentioning and putting to rest.

Before anything – as you may have read in previously written articles, affiliate marketing like anything requires a focus and dedication that allows you to earn an income just like any other business.

However, among some of the most common potential new affiliates are those who do other sorts of business not so different but still different enough from affiliate marketing. For example – one rival to affiliate marketing that seems to be easy to compare or grab onto is Google AdWords:

# 1 Google AdWords makes it easy

Partly true – with Google AdWords, the common theme, there is you can make money within six months if you dedicate your time to working on it, especially if you have your own product. Even if you don’t – you can learn to optimize Google AdWords campaigns to the point where you can significantly lower the cost per click and therefore pull a profit margin by charging a fee plus a percentage of the earnings every month.

With affiliate marketing – things work quite differently and the first misconception is that affiliate marketing doesn’t require any real financial commitment or investment. The truth is – if you’re looking to just make a few hundred dollars you can probably succeed at affiliate marketing.

However, without a consistent source of traffic that you can control and target towards, you will have a hard time reaching any real long-term goals. The average initial start-up cost for doing affiliate marketing would be in the $1000 to $1500 range minimum.

This would either go towards your existing site which you’ll want to start populating much more traffic during the peak seasons (referring to gambling and forex) which includes early September to mid-December to start, and work enough on the targeted keywords from an SEO and media perspective to get a return on your investment.

#2 Using an existing website


Another possibility is if you already have an existing site but it is not related to the product or vertical you want to focus on – and believe that because you’ve seen success in the past with SEO/website development you can do the same with the vertical you want to focus on whether that be casino, sports or forex.

Another misconception is that you can succeed quite easily by yourself as an affiliate in these verticals – success means bringing in a $1000 or higher profit margin within the first 3 months of starting.

While it’s not impossible – the challenge that’s presented here is that there are so many areas to focus on that it would be very difficult to do all the tasks required to succeed in keeping track of costs while doing the marketing at a high level that brought in a profit margin.

We recommend that you should have at least two people in an affiliate operation assuming there is experience on both sides and split the tasks in a way where you can divide and conquer. If there is not a lot of experience in affiliate marketing, then a team of 4-5 people would be the recommendation to go with.

#3 Organised programs already give out good payouts

The final misconception in affiliate marketing that often comes up is that programs are going to just give you a good deal from the get go and you will be able to use that to bring in a profit that way.

The truth is that in forex, casino and sports betting – all of these areas are pretty exclusive and before any kind of deal is offered, you need to do a pretty extensive amount of negotiation and in many cases prove yourself whether through stats or by meeting face to face at an event or just a private meeting to get the deal you’re looking for.


If you are still unsure about what it takes to get into the affiliate world over the long haul, feel free to schedule a call with us at a time to suit you, or drop us a message if you have any questions.


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