Reading and Understanding Stats in Your Affiliate Program


The value of understanding stats

One of the biggest challenges a relatively new affiliate may face is dealing with the multitude of affiliate programs and platforms that are out there and how to figure out what to look at when it comes to the stats.

In this article – the challenges of those stats will be addressed in a variety of ways to give you an introductory understanding of how to approach the various platforms to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed, and that you are reading and understanding the stats properly.


The first point to look at when you are introduced to a new affiliate program whose products or services you intend to promote is to find the most important columns that represent your bottom line.

For example – if I were to look at a forex platform, as mentioned in previous articles such as with Cell Expert, the columns I’d be looking at include clicks, registrations, deposits, and in where the variance hits would be if they provide you with the deposit amount, and finally the CPA and if it triggered.

In forex, it’s important to make a note of the fact that most brokers require some kind of minimal activity for each trader to trigger the CPA. That being said – there are the rare few that only require 1 trade and are happy to pay you out as long as that lead is the real thing where they can take that lead and maximize their earnings with them.


On the other hand, when you’re looking at a casino for example – the columns you want to look at are a bit different. If we look at a revenue share deal for example, you want to know exactly how much you’re making and why per player rather than for the program because there are so many casinos out there that you may only be able to check the stats for 2-3 minutes per platform.

For casino revenue share deals – the columns to look at are clicks, registrations, deposit cnt, deposit amount, NGR – stands for net gaming revenue, and Real NGR which stands for Real Net Gaming Revenue. The differences between the last two are extremely important. So when looking at a casino’s overall calculation – even after they generate your revenue, they typically take anywhere from 30-50% in ‘admin fees’ from your final earnings. 

The intricacies of these platforms also extend to other areas like updating your financial information – payment method, the date when you’re being paid as well as accessing your marketing materials but this would be something that requires an article of its own.

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