Affiliate Analysis – What to Look for as Key Metrics

Key metrics to keep an eye out for


As an affiliate – the metrics you look at for your own site are extremely important.

There are a variety of ways to look at it but you can probably narrow down the metrics that you’re looking for on the affiliate program level to determine a variety of decisions including which brands to promote, what timeframe you’re looking at to decide if the brand is successful or not and likewise if your site is successful in generating the quality traffic the brand is looking for, and the revenue that you’re generating that would allow you to reinvest in your affiliate business to keep growing.

For this specific article, the focus will be on online gambling traffic – more specifically casino and sportsbook traffic.

1. Casino traffic

If you’re looking at purely SEO traffic, the first metric you’re looking at from the perspective of conversion is the click-to-deposit rate. The click-through rate, or CTR, is usually based on a benchmark on a specific market. For example – if you look at the US, the metric may be between 5-8% whereas the conversion rate in a market like Norway may be a bit lower with a range of 2-5% based on the typical user behavior.

The responsibility of this metric usually lies more on the traffic source and the keywords that you’re focusing on.

The next metric to look at is:

2. Sign-up to deposit ratio

The sign-up-to-deposit ratio ranges anywhere from 10% to as high as 45 or 50% depending on the market based on your traffic being based on SEO.

If the traffic is incentivized, meaning you are paying the player or offering some kind of offers such as coins, or a prize for example that you are giving to the players – the conversion can go much higher from sign-up to deposit at a level such as 65-80% which typically yields a much lower value than the SEO traffic you maybe sending.

Lastly – and probably most importantly when it comes to a key metric you’re looking at that is also connected to the brand you’re promoting is:

3. Net gaming

The net gaming in a casino is typically calculated based on the following basic formula – Total Losses minus wins and bonuses. Of course, each casino has its own variation of this net gaming but the above core formula is what most casinos use to determine player value and if you are on revenue share, determines how much earnings you’re generating on a monthly basis.

Of course, there are quite a few other factors to look at but the above would be the baseline of what you’d be looking for when creating your foundation for how you measure your results.

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