The gambling industry is extremely competitive – in fact one of the most competitive industries online because of how lucrative it can be and is.

When talking about the gambling industry – in this specific case, it would focus on two specific areas, which would be sports betting and online casinos.

Sports betting is a much more seasonal vertical because it is very dependent on what games or leagues are on at the time – for example, the NFL season usually starts up on or around mid to late August. By the time the first kickoff takes place – there is a huge amount of interest in the sport and more so in sports betting as a result.

Online casinos on the other hand tend to not be as seasonal but do have fluctuations throughout the year based on a variety of factors based on the specific market. A few examples of areas that impact online casinos would include the weather of the specific country, as well as the economy as players tend to play more when their economic situation is a bit worse.

Setting out a plan

When looking at becoming a successful affiliate in either one of the above verticals – it would be wise to do a deep dive into the competition and create a competition analysis which would allow you as an affiliate to know what you’re up against before going full force into that world and trying to find the players to sign up via your affiliate link.

One of the hardest areas to compete in when it comes to both online casinos and sports betting is through search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to following the rules and trends that Google has created, you also need to be mindful of what other sites are offering as well as their content. The ranking of a specific site on page one of Google for a very high intent keyword would be something that draws a lot of attention as that is the most valuable and organic way that a website owner would get players.

Moving forward

For this reason – there is a strategy that is recommended which is to create a list of competitors based on the relevant sites based on a market, a keyword and a search engine. The first step in doing this is opening up an excel sheet which is a great tool to use – and creating a list of keywords that one would aim for when trying to attract good quality players.

It is also helpful to utilize specific tools to do a proper analysis – and one of those tools would be ‘semrush’, which is an excellent way to not only see who your competitors are but also see how much Google traffic each one gets, what keyword they target, and what they rank for that specific keyword.

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