Dealing with Language Barriers in Affiliate Marketing

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Speaking your language

There are always going to be challenges in any business you undertake – but in affiliate marketing specifically, one of the top decisions that need to be made is the language you’re going to be working in, especially in gambling and online forex.

The significance of this is twofold – the first being what language you speak based on the country your visitors are coming from, and the second is the type of language you use as far as lingo and based on the level of experience the visitors you’re looking at attracting

When looking at specific countries like Canada for example – if you’re aiming at the entire country, it would make sense to have the website you’re working in both in English and French.

In gambling specifically, this is specifically important in what brand you’re working with because you want to make sure that their website, their customer support and their platform are all available in both English and French across the board.

Many mainstream products like home improvement, financial tools and loans, and insurance make sense to look at as far as what languages are being offered because a country like the United States for sure has a need for several languages, one specific one coming to mind is Spanish as well as English.

Best Practices for an Optimized Website

The idea of having your website translated into several languages is something to strongly consider from a budgetary perspective because it means that everything you’re offering has to be translated and offered in that specific language. There are a few ways to go about it – one is to add a / at the end of the domain and the language or country code. For example – Spanish is represented by es, while French is represented by fr.

These are not necessarily things that you would need to do at the very start of your journey in becoming an affiliate but they are certainly worth doing further along down the road so that you can communicate with your clients in an effective way to ensure they are happy and coming back over time.

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