Dealing with Regulations Within Affiliate Programs

NCZ Afflicates Regulations

Staying in the know

The world of affiliate marketing is absolutely one of the most exciting worlds you can be a part of especially if you’re doing well and seeing great numbers!

That being said – it’s super important that you realize before you wash, rinse and repeat – be aware of a potential pitfall that if you don’t have this part covered can really put a damper on your business in a short period of time.

The area I’m talking about is regulation. Specifically in gambling and forex, you need to know even as an affiliate and not as a player you have to know that affiliate managers are going to come to you and ask you to make changes.

As far as examples – a few years ago in Forex, there was a new regulation put in place called ESMA. What this meant was that you had to change the way you promote forex, you had to deal with new leverage, and you had to add provisions to every area where you’re promoting a specific broker, and if you for whatever reason focus on just the marketing and forget to add those elements, there’s a good chance the broker and after that the regulator will contact you and give you a  list of things you need to do to meet those standards.

Top tips

The good news is – you don’t have to go through that anguish, and below is a list of a few steps to make sure that you are not caught dealing with this in a disastrous way, and potentially lose your deal and get your website shut down.

1. First off, have a good lawyer – a gaming or forex lawyer who will give you a regular update on what you need to do.

2. Have a weekly discussion with your affiliate manager – if they’re good at what they do they will tell you these things in advance so you’re not caught in a situation you can’t get out of.

3. Have several websites from the beginning – as much as you’ll want to focus on one site, if you are doing really well – there’s a good chance you may get burned regardless of your best efforts – which goes to the best advice possible, never put your eggs in one basket

Bottom line and again this is just one example – with every website you create, and with the volume of traffic you bring that is above average, you need to have a person or you need to be aware yourself if you’re the owner, that these rules have to be followed so that you can continue to generate revenue each month without having a letter sent to your address, or have your deal closed

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