Dealing with Seasonality in Affiliate Marketing

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Going with the Seasons – just like Sports



When speaking with seasonality – the focus is specifically on sports betting as that is the vertical by far most influenced by seasonality because of the amount of sports that start and end at specific times.

In this article, the specific sports being focused on are mainly North American sports which include the NBA, NHL, NFL and the World Cup when relevant.

The tricky part of the seasonality of sports is that you need to have a very niche area that you’ll be focusing on to bring in a good volume of traffic if you’ll be doing so organically.

For the purpose of this article – focusing on hockey will be taken as examples to show how to approach the successful affiliate marketing of these two sports through sports betting brands.


How Hockey and Affiliate Marketing Compare


When looking at the NHL, the season typically starts around the end of October and finishes up in the 3rd week of May.

That being said – seasonality on its own does not define your success or failure to promote and bring players to your site and sign up to the brands you select to represent the best odds, the best offer, and the best user experience that they can ask for. There are some specific details that must go into it, which will be elaborate a bit further here.

Reputation – before promoting a brand, you want to know what the reputation of the brand is. Are they trustworthy? Do they have a good name? Do they pay out in a timely manner?

Odds – The odds of each game and the variation of those odds also make a big difference in what players are looking for in a sportsbook. There are always going to be top brands that take top spot and for those specifically focused on the best odds, this will always be their preference.

User experience – Among the most important features in a sportsbook is easy navigation, mobile version, and variety of games and choice in odds is the most important for most casual players which are probably the most ideal when looking at bringing in players

Finally, the welcome offer is what players look at when typically on the fence about which brand to chose from. Typically, there is a 100% bonus and in some cases, that also includes some promos where the player can enter some kind of tournament.

Overall – these features are key to making your decision and while it’s still not easy and the affiliate side of things is getting a good deal – whether it be CPA or revenue share depending on what makes the most sense, the volume of traffic you bring and the type of players you bring. 

These are the foundational elements of working with sports betting, but of course it’s good to do more research and we are happy to help. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to contact us at


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