Why you Should Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket


Be ready to adapt when things change

With the last 17 years of affiliate industry experience, the number one piece of advice given to affiliates no matter which vertical – is to never put your eggs in one basket!

Starting with the gaming world – you can look back at the history of what changes have taken place, starting as far back in 2006 – where the US became an illegal market and that was then followed up by France, Germany and about ten other markets over the last 15 years.

Then when you look at Forex, and you get a glimpse of what regulations have taken effect, the biggest one is ESMA where the leverage changed from 1:300 or 1:400 down to 1:30 in all of Europe.

Of course – in the last two years, you’ve had the COVID virus in many cases positively affect the amount of online customers to the point where many companies have seen exponential growth in their numbers.

Those would be some examples of big moments – some yearly events over the last four or five years, is the update that happens around May or June, is the Google update. 

Google this year has made an update called Google Core, which you can find here. The fact of the matter is – if you have one well ranked website, you should at least have two areas of focus so that if you do get taken down in ranking by Google, have a plan B and hit it fast and hit it strong!

Moving forward

Using the two above examples – at this point in time, it would be apparent that gaming is going through some growth with the recent changes in Canada, focusing on the Ontario legalization of gambling. There are quite a few who have taken full advantage of this and have decided to go in on the ground floor and play the game.

That being said – the best advice is to have this as one of several places to focus on because Ontario alone for at least the next year will never be enough to sustain your monthly or yearly revenue as an affiliate.

One strategy to go with is to play things out monthly.  If you can afford it – playing the ‘wait and see’ approach is a cautious but low profit approach. On the other hand – if you have a limited budget and want to get yourself into the industry on a low investment to get a taste of the business, going more aggressive is a more suitable way to go.

Again, you should not be putting all your effort and energies into one website or one vertical necessarily because you will find yourself put into a corner that you may not be able to get yourself out of.

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