Loyalty Programs and Reading the T&Cs Carefully

Be sure to read the T&Cs

Some of the most common mistakes affiliates through their players in specific casino programs and brands they send them to make is forgetting to read the terms and conditions of the loyalty programs and their bonus offers. 

The world of casinos – if done right, can be extremely lucrative and also very enjoyable once you get into that world and figure out what you’re doing. 

I will take some specific examples to show you exactly what I’m referring to so you can start looking at these more carefully before allowing yourself to get swept in by promises that are not kept. 

Start looking at these more carefully before allowing yourself to get swept in by promises that are not kept:

First thing’s first, every casino today offers some kind of match bonus. A match bonus is an amount, usually 100% up to a certain dollar value that the player will receive if they make their first deposit. 

The deposit amounts start between 20 euros to 499 Euros to get 10% all the way to 20% if you deposit 5000 Euros or more. 

Let’s take the following brand – Millionaria Casino. You are able to get between 10 to 20% daily back from the deposit made the previous day.

The deposit amounts start between 20 euros to 499 Euros to get 10% all the way to 20% if you deposit 5000 Euros or more. 

The funny thing is – Wager requirement for cashback bonus is x3, according to term #3 in the terms and conditions. So let’s say you put in that 5000 Euro deposit, that means you need to wager 15000 Euros to withdraw that cashback money. 

The lesson here is simple: read the fine print, and before jumping into a program and promoting their offers, be ready for some pushback from players. 

This is layer one of being a casino affiliate – knowing the player offer. The second layer is knowing the affiliate offer. 

The affiliate offer that many casinos give vary based on a few things. The first is your website, and whether you are sending or can prove that you wil be sending traffic in the immediate future. 

The second factor – is your reputation, and how established you are previously to be able to request a higher than average deal from your assigned affiliate manager. 

The third factor is the time of the year – and if the casino is hungry for traffic.

The last and probably most important factor is your ability to negotiate and maintain your deal for a consistent period of time by bringing in a consistent amount of quality and volume of traffic. 

Things to be aware of

Here are some things to look at when deciding upon an affiliate program – this is assuming you’ve already, at this point the brand they offer is a good brand. 

Now you must look at the deal you agreed upon and what it actually means 

1) What are you being paid for – let’s say you make revenue share, of 30% – how is that calculated. Most of the time you are being paid 30% of the net gaming generated. 

2) When does payment get sent out – together with what payment methods you have available to you – for example, some specific regions only offer wire transfer and that means you may run into some problems with your bank should they not allow casino earnings 

3) What is the admin fee – this is by far the biggest question you need to figure out. You wont always get a straight answer, but many times the admin fee is there as a ‘hidden’ fee that the casino takes to make sure they remain profitable. For example, a typical casino can take around 30-50% admin fee, which means if for example you’ve generated 10,000 Euros in net gaming, at 30% rev share, you assume you made 3000 euros net gaming, but in reality you lost between 900 euros to 1500 euros just on admin fees alone. Add to that any fees you’ve paid for your payment method, minus the taxes you will need to pay when submitting your tax returns and the amount ends up shrinking quite a bit 

So realistically – how can you avoid or combat these situations where you get surprised. First off – remember a few rules 

1) Become friendly with your affiliate manager – not all will be friendly back, but if you are transparent with them and have a dialogue with them, the chances are higher you will get them to look out for you when the time comes 

2) Ask questions – before you start promoting them so you know what you’re getting into 

3) Know your traffic – whether you’re buying media or doing SEO through your website, you should have a pretty good estimate of the volume of traffic you’re bringing. In addition to that – you should have after around 3-4 months a good idea of your player value as well. Providing that information will allow the brands

you work with to make their assessments so that they can get you the deal you want. 

4) Attend conferences – There have been many cases where affiliates did all their work on Skype or even a phone call and never once met their affiliate manager especially with the pandemic . However, as things have started to go back to normal – affiliates are now traveling again as are affiliate managers. 

So to conclude – the best way for this industry to thrive and for you as an affiliate to thrive is to follow the above areas where you’ll really connect with the goals that the affiliate companies have while achieving the goals you’re hitting, which is first and foremost establishing trust, credibility and through that you’ll be able to open doors to generating revenue through many companies and we are here to help you, so you dont get overwhelmed and flustered with the high number of companies because let’s face it there are a ton to chose from! 

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